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Here is the information you'll need to send in photos, the FTP address is below. It photo attached will give you an idea of how to caption, you will have to add the details, all images of players must have player names and team played on " John Doe #1 of the Angels fields a ground ball" plus generic info. Extraordinary images (Collisions at home plate, diving catches, etc.) need more details so we can send to magazines for special consideration.


  1. Set you camera to "Large Fine JPEG" Crop and edit accordingly and save in Photoshop, only send high resolution images.

  2. Images must be saved in Photoshop (other programs cause problems on our site) at "Quality 9" Files should be around 1-2 MB (compression size) in size after saving "Qual 9". "Open Size" should be anywhere from 10-35mb

  3. When you login to the FTP account, send only loose jepgs **DO NOT SEND IMAGES IN FOLDERS**

  4. Make sure the dates in your camera, in your caption, and in your captioning program (on the image IPTC data) are all correct before sending images.

  5. Images should appear on our site about 15 minutes after you send them, if they are not up after a couple hours emails me.

  6. Images on our site are grouped by the "headline" Make sure all your headlines are consistent so images sent at different times will group together


Caption: Captions must have complete sentences and have proper spelling and grammar. AP is very strict about this. Photographers whose captions consistently do not have proper grammar, complete sentences, correct spelling and proper punctuation will be excluded from the AP Images feed. Double check your spelling especially of player names, if the player name is misspelled, no editor will ever find it.

Please add “Your Name/CSM” at the end of every caption. Do not use parenthesis.

Captions must have all information included. Date, full name of both teams, location (stadium and city) player names. If you put a score in the caption, make sure it’s correct.

Proper Caption: September 05, 2015: Notre Dame wide receiver Will Fuller (7) catches a touchdown pass during NCAA football game between the Texas Longhorns and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana.  Notre Dame defeated Texas 38-3. John Mersits/CSM


HEADLINES: Headlines are very important and must stay consistent. Images with different headlines will not group together. Please use two numbers in dates (MAR 03, not MAR 3) Please use best judgement in other sports not listed.


Headline by Sport:

1.    College Football: “NCAA Football 2015: UCLA vs Arizona SEP 05” (In college sports use school name UCLA, Nebraska, LSU etc not nickname)

2.    College Basketball: “NCAA Basketball 2015: Texas vs Washington MAR 02” (In college sports use school name UCLA, Nebraska, LSU etc not nickname)

3.    NFL: “NFL 2015: Rams vs Raiders SEP 13” (In pro sports use team nicknames)

4.    MLB: “MLB 2015: Dodgers vs Reds OCT 03

5.    NHL: “NHL 2015: Blue Jackets vs Lightning DEC 03”

6.    PGA Tour/LPGA: “PGA 2015: Deutsche Bank Championship SEP 05”

7.    TENNIS: “Tennis 2015: BNP Paribas Open MAR 09”

8.    Nascar: “NASCAR 2015: Daytona 500 MAR 03

9.    MLS: “MLS 2015: Red Bulls vs Impact JAN 05”



Keywords: General keywords should have full name of both teams, name of event, any other descriptive words needed for editors to find images. For zwords see list

1.    NFL: znfl

2.    NCAA Sports: zncaa

3.    NBA: znba

4.    MLB: zmlb

5.    NHL: znhl

6.    Motorsports: zmotorsports

7.    Golf: zgolf

8.    Soccer: zsoccer

9.    Etc.


Object Name: Blank

Category: “SPO” for Sports

SUPP CAT 1: Put the correct three letter AP Sport code (see list below)

SUPP CAT 2: ***VERY IMPORTANT** Player names in square brackets [Will Fuller] if you have two players in caption use this format: [Player One], [Player Two] separate with comma

City: City where event is taking place

Location: Stadium Name

State: State where event is taking place

Country: Country where event is taking place I.E. United States of America

 Date: Date image was taken. Make sure you set the dates in your camera correctly

Photographer: Your Name

Title: Blank

Credit: Your Name/Cal Sport Media

Source: Cal Sport Media

Copyright: Your Name/Cal Sport Media


Supplemental Categories
BBA Baseball American League
BBC Baseball College
BBN Baseball National League
BBO Baseball Other
BKC Basketball College
BKN Basketball NBA
BKO Basketball Other
BKW Basketball Women
BOX Boxing
CAR Auto Racing
CYC Cycling
EXT Extreme Sports
ENV Environment
FBC Football College
FBN Football NFL
FBO Football Other
GLF Golf
GYM Gymnastics
HKC Hockey College
HKN Hockey NHL
HKO Hockey Other
HOR Horse Racing
OLY Olympic
OTH Odds and Ends
OUT Outdoor
POR Portfolio
RAC Horse Racing
RUN Track & Field
SKI Skiing
SOC Soccer
SWM Swimming
TEN Tennis
VOL Volleyball
WIN Winter Sports
WRS Wrestling