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We at Cal Sport Media designed this website specifically for media relations professionals in order to give you the necessary information about our news gathering organization so that you can make an informed decision on weather or not to provide us with media access. We are aware that your organization receives many media request and your job is to give access to media outlets that will provide you with significant media coverage. We very much appreciate you taking the time to research our organization.

We believe that after you look over the provided information you will realize that CSM is a legitimate news gathering organization that has the syndication pipeline in place through our clients and image partners to get images in front of editors worldwide, in real time. Below are samples of CSM images "In Print" in major publications. We have thousands more of these on our main website www.csmimages.com in the "In Print" section

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Cal Sport Media was started in 2002 by a veteran sports photographer looking to take control of his career...

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