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A Little History

Cal Sport Media was started in 2002 by a Southern California based sports photographer looking to take control of his photography career. It was the dawn of the digital photography age and we believed it was inevitable that a platform for digital photography viewing, marketing and distribution would be made available soon. We had no programing experience and at that time, the cost of building out our own image delivery platform was prohibitively expensive for a small company. We decided stick to what we knew best (sports photography) and wait for someone to create this platform. Along came a company called Digital Railroad who saw a need to give photographers a way to display, market and distribute their digital imagery online in real time. This was the platform we had been waiting for. Once we had our image platform in place, we were off and running and began to build relationships with all the sports leagues and individual teams we covered. We also built relationships with many magazines, newspapers and websites that had a need for live or archived sports images. Sports photographers around the country started seeing "Cal Sport Media" cut-lines in these publications and wanted to work with us and we have been growing ever since. After 17 years in the business much has changed, Digital Railroad went out of business in 2008, many magazines have gone away, newspapers have laid off staff, but CSM has continued to adapt and grow in very challenging market for the media industry and continues to excel in a rapidly changing industry.

CSM in 2019

Fast forward to 2019, today Cal Sport Media is an established wire service with images published in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, websites, trading cards, books and more. CSM has over 80 photographers that cover professional sporting events around the globe. Since our inception in 2002, Cal Sport Media has worked very hard to become one of the leading image providers of editorial sports photography in the US and beyond. We have had to compete against large multimillion dollar companies that dominate the space, yet we have been successful because of the relationships we have built, the quality of our images and the speed in which these images are made available to clients. We regularly cover MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA Athletics, NASCAR, Formula 1, Horse Racing, PGA & LPGA Golf, ATP & WTA Tennis, Track & Field, European Soccer, Prep Sports and much more. Cal Sport Media works with many of the top publications, newspapers, magazines and online news services as well as being a content provider to other media affiliates, allowing our images to be viewed by an audience of millions. We invite you to view our archives and editorial tear-sheets that have been published in various media platforms and are provided on this website for you.


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