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Cal Sport Media designed this website specifically for media relations professionals in order to give you the necessary information about our news gathering organization so that you can make an informed decision on providing us with media access. We are aware that your organization receives many media request and your job is to give access to media outlets that will provide you with significant media coverage. We very much appreciate you taking the time to research our organization. It is our belief that after you look over the provided information you will realize three very important facts about us;

  1. CSM has been providing live sports imagery to national and local media outlets for over 17 years.

  2. CSM has international coverage of sporting events that we receive live on a daily basis. Cal Sport Media has over 80 photographers that cover professional sporting events around the globe including, MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA Football Basketball & Baseball, MLS, Premiere League Soccer, NASCAR, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, ATP and WTA Tennis, Formula 1 Racing, Horse Racing, and more. Cal Sport Media works with many of the top publications, newspapers, magazines and online news services as well as being a content provider to other media affiliates, allowing our images to be viewed by an audience of millions

  3. In recent years, magazines and newspapers have had huge staff reductions, especially hard hit are photography staff positions. Now more then ever they rely on companies like CSM to fill their magazines, newspapers and websites with compelling images on tight deadlines.

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Cal Sport Media was started in 2002 by a veteran sports photographer looking to take control of his careers...

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